Give Client Gifts that make an Impact

we help contractors GROW their REVIEWS, REFERRALS, 


Featured on The American Contractor Show:



-Patricia Fripp

The Perfect Alignment of Long Lasting, Useful, 

Personalized, and Branded Gifts

​• Used and loved daily with friends and family

• Never consumed, guaranteed forever

• Easy system in place

• Best quality of its kind

• Creates top of mind awareness

What Our Clients are Saying:

Paul Reed, Northwest Roofing


Paul Reed was voted the 2017 Winner of the “Most Influential” award in the Restoration Industry.

Graham Dessert, Roofing 101


Mainstage Speaker at RoofCon & Win the Storm

Tony Silva, CEO of Home Repair 


“I have over 25 years of experience helping property owners protect their most valuable investment, their homes and businesses. It’s an honor to share tips alongside other construction and restoration leaders. The industry is best served when we all come together to share best practices,”

Tony Powers, ​

Owner of Blue Knight Roofing


We Have Two Ways to Gift

We'll engrave a supply of gifts with your logo and contact information on it that's shipped to you upfront to save money on shipping. We bill you over the next 6 or 12 months at 0% interest. 

Need a gift? 

Just Grab It - Give It - They Love It & You're Done!

We'll set up a supply of gifts at our engravers also billed to you over the next 6 or 12 months. ​

When you need a gift sent, fill out your request form and we will engrave the gift with your client's names in addition to your info and we will deliver it to your clients with a handwritten thank you note to generate inbound calls to increase your reviews and referrals.


Is there a Minimum Quantity?

No, you can buy a single gift at the full retail price.

If you order 12 or more gifts (mixing and matching is fine), you qualify for our bulk discounts (10% minimum) and you can split your order into monthly payments over 6-12 months at 0% interest. 

Do I have to pay up front?

No, if you order 12 or more gifts (mixing and matching is fine), you can split your order into monthly payments over 6-12 months at 0% interest.

I don't know what names to put on the gifts, can I still get the bulk discounts?

When you use our Personalized Drop Ship Program, you can still order our bulk discounts and stock your gifts at our engravers. 

When you need a gift for a client, you simply give us the client's information, and we will engrave the gift and ship it to the client on your behalf with a custom thank you note. To learn more about what the program looks like CLICK HERE

Can I just put my branding on the gifts and hand them out myself?

Yes! That how our On Hand Gift Program works. You simply pick out your gifts which determines your bulk discounts, we will engrave everything and ship it to you upfront, and we can still bill you over 6-12 months at 0% interest to make things easier on your cash flow!

Are there any set up or program fees?

The only set up fee we have is a $50 fee for a new logo. This is a one time fee per logo. Everything else is included in the pricing (standard engraving, bows, boxes). 

You will notice that there is a difference in price between gifts shipped in bulk to you and our personalized drop shipped gifts. We did this so you could use the system that fits your business without any surprise charges.

Optional upgrades available: 

   - Handwritten Letters for $4 

   - Additional Engraving (above the standard included engraving) - $11

   - Hard plastic storage sheaths  $9 - $11

How long does it take to get the gifts?

Our average on hand order arrives within about 30 days. This does depend on how quickly we receive anything we need from you such as logos and quick proof approval.

For those who have gifts stocked with us for our personalized drop shipped gift program, a requested gift usually arrives 10 business days after you request it.

Will I see a proof before anything is engraved?

Yes, we learned you can't "Un-engrave" a knife so we want to make sure everything's perfect before they are engraved. You will usually receive a proof within 7 days after we receive your logo.

Does the Cutco Forever Guarantee still apply for engraved items?

Once engraved, the products cannot be returned under the unconditional Money Back Guarantee. All other aspects of The Forever Guarantee do apply.