How our Personalized Drop-Shipped Gift Program Works

We'll set up a supply of gifts at our engravers also billed to you over the next 6 or 12 months.​

  When you're ready to wow a client, just fill out your request form and we will engrave the first gift with your client's name in addition to your info and we will deliver it to your clients with a handwritten thank you note to generate inbound calls. This gives you the opportunity to increase your reviews and referrals. 

Most businesses schedule the 1st gift to arrive 30 days after closing/ finishing a job so that your clients have had time to settle into their new space or use your product and are more likely to have shown it to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

Then, without any further work by you, gift number 2, 3, and up to 5 arrive on their scheduled dates! The gifts you'll see below are also fully customizable, so feel free to give us a call and we can change the items and/or the dates they arrive.

Ready To Get Started?

The pricing below is for the minimum gift order (6) and we will take your total order and 

bill it over 6-12 months at 0% interest so its easy on your cash flow

The price drops steeply at higher quantities. Click an item to see the discounts

Two Touch Gift Campaigns

Spreader &  Cutting Board - 2 Touch Campaign
Trimmer &  Cutting Board - 2 Touch Campaign
Chopper & Cutting Board - 2 Touch Campaign
Club Mates & Cutting Board - 2 Touch Campaign

Three Touch Gift Campaigns

Spreader - 3 Touch Campaign
Utility Knife - 3 Touch Campaign
Chopper - 3 Touch Campaign
Club Mates - 3 Touch Campaign
Spreader - 3 Touch Bottle Campaign
Utility Knife - 3 Touch Bottle Campaign
Chopper - 3 Touch Bottle Campaign
Club Mates - 3 Touch Bottle Campaign

5 Touch Gift Campaigns

Spreader - 5 Touch Campaign
Utility Knife - 5 Touch Campaign
Chopper - 5 Touch Campaign
Club Mates - 5 Touch Campaign

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