Client Gift Welcome Videos!

We are excited to share our value-added videos we created specifically for your clients! In case you haven’t followed up with your clients since you gave them your gift, now you can! 

That’s right, these videos are NOT for you ;)  They are for YOUR clients. <3  

Why this is cool:

Each clip demonstrates different ways your client can use their CUTCO product - and even covers the guarantee and high quality features; a key component in helping you maximize the value of your gifts. Great for building value in your high quality, American-Made client gifts - and your reputation!

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Find the photo of the gifts you give below. Click it.
  2. ADD the corresponding video to your CRM/Database (or simply share the YouTube links below with your clients.)

3. Copy and paste this following email template  into the body of your email. 

Subject: [Client's name], 2.5 Things :)

Hi _________,


It's hard to believe it's been ________ since we did your transaction. I wanted to check in on a couple things quickly:


1 – How is the home? It's always a big deal to buy and sell real estate, and any number of things can happen after you move in. I have a few good maintenance/roofing/cleaning/plumbing/and pest services I can refer your way if need be.


2 – Did you get a chance to use that CUTCO gift I gave you? We've been using them for a while and think they are just the best knives (especially since they are made in the USA). Here's a quick video that shows you some cool stuff you can do with them.

Check it out: [Copy video link here]


2.5 – A client introduced me to a friend recently who was looking into selling their home. The conversation tends to come up after someone moves. Do you know of anyone I should connect with who might need my services in the next few months? 

Who knows, there may be more CUTCO in your future. ;-)

If you need help with anything please call text or email!