What to say to make the biggest impact when giving a gift

You have a script for just about every aspect in real estate but do you have a script for handing over your gift? 

We have the best client retention tools on the planet, but if you just hand over your gift and hope they like it and maybe even feel awkward in the process, you are not maximizing the value. 

Here's a fun script for you to implement. Say something along the line of:

"I wanted to give you something to say thank you and show my appreciation, I know I could have gotten you a lot of things like a home depot gift card because I know you need to do a lot of work on the house or even some wine just to help you celebrate, but those are gone and forgotten about so fast and that is not the type of impression I want to leave with you.

I wanted to give you something of value. These are such high quality, that you'll literally be able to use them for the rest of your lives, they're guaranteed forever. You can even pass them down to your kids. We have been using them in your kitchen for years and absolutely love them. Let this be a reminder that I'm forever at your fingertips for all your real estate needs, and I even look forward to building you an entire set through future real estate transactions and referrals. So thank you!"

If you need help with anything please shoot me a text or email! 

Michael Athens