How to Prepare your Gifts for the Greatest Impact

It’s time to take it ALL off...

...but ONLY the shipping materials.

I just want to make sure you know how to put the finishing touches on your gifts. 

New gifts now ship from CUTCO with paper sheaths to protect the knives.  

Here's a speedy video to help you take it all off =P

Step 1 ​- Grab them out of the Box 

Step 2 - Take off the cardboard sleeves 

Step 3 - Pull the gray insert out of the box part way and put the sleeves under it 

Step 4 - Close the box and stretch your bow from one corner to the opposite corner 

Step 5 - Sign Your thank you note and add it to the box 

Step 6 - Utilize your Script when giving the gift...Need a Script? Click HERE

If you need help with anything please shoot me a text or email! 

Michael Athens